About the Artist

Born in Mexico City in 1970, Krytzia starts painting early in her life.

In 1989 she goes to Paris and attends the Atelier de Sévres and in 1990 moves to Met de Peninghen, ESAG, attended by artists like Matisse, Duchamp, and Rauschemberg to name a few.

In 1992 she marries and moves to Madrid where she paints in the workshop of contemporary artist and teacher Manolo Arjona who becomes a big influence for her.

In 1994 she lives in Barcelona where she attends CEV (Center for studies in Video and Image) to study creative photography.

In 1997 she lives in Caracas, Venezuela and paints alongside artist Gladys Medina and participates in various collective exhibitions.  She meets various Venezuelan artists and paints alongside Clelia Benitez, Betti Brillenbourg, Carolina Vollmer, Ana Luisa Rossemberg and invites artist Adrian Pujol to Mexico to paint the landscape and learns his technique.

In 2005 she moves again to Paris where she studies History of art at “Christie’s Education” and at the “Ecole du Louvre” and paints in the “Atelier du Carrousel” where she learns watercolor  technique from artist Sophie Rousseau.

In 2010 she moves to New York and attends workshops in the Art Students League with Elizabeth Allison.

And in 2016 she settles in San Francisco where she paints in her studio and with artist Tere Casas.


Krytzia likes to evoque the elements and integrate them to her work. It is not surprising to find sand, earth, leaves and debris in her paintings.  She has found Northern California a source of inspiration reflected on the bright light, crisp colors and the transparency of water and wind. The duality of strength-frailty and abundance- scarcity motivates her to transmit that feeling and connect with the viewer.